FOR the Better.

FOR THE BETTER. Reverse Engineering. “FOR THE BETTER,” says Motorcycle owner Rodolfo “Ompong” Ledesma, a resident of Catalunan Grande, Davao City. “My Kawasaki Rouser has been married with XADO VitaFlush since the start of it’s operational life, and I always add VitaFlush every time I change my oil, for the better,” adds Ledesma. He first heard and learned of XADO (www.xado.com) while on a trip in London, and upon his return to the Philippines, immediately sought the product XADO (www.xadophil.com). He was so happy and glad to find its availability.

His motorcycle sports multiple XADO stickers as he is bent on telling the world that XADO products, VitaFlush in particular, has been protecting and keeping his engine at its optimum operational state. XADO VitaFlush ensures there’s no metal shavings in the engine frictional pairs and parts.

VitaFlush contains XADO’s technological-breakthrough REVITALIZANT (www.revitalizant.com) that coats the engine metal parts by utilizing the frictional heat, a tremendously destructive energy, to create a new surface (metallic alloy) that is 10X STRONGER & 300X SMOOTHER THAN STEEL.  It is excellent protection against excessive heat, load and corrosion damage.  Actually, you can see it and feel it. Metal (Metallic bond-uncompensated) surfaces has cavities, aspirates, peaks and valleys like the surface of a sand paper.

XADO CERMET (Magnesium Silicate) are crystals, (Ionic or Covalent bonds) that are much more durable. An uncompensated bond is like a TREE in an open field which easy uprooted due to wind and rain. VITAFLUSH Cleaning is a requisite as carbon is porous, the micron size REVITALIZANT will not circulate as much if only absorbed by engine deposits. WE RECOMMEND 300 TO 1,000 KM SO AS TO ALLOW ENOUGH TIME FOR THE ENGINE TO BE CLEANED AND FRICTIONAL HEAT TO DO ITS WORK ON THE SURFACES. Unlike kerosene based engine cleaner, VITAFLUSH has higher flush point for longer, more thorough cleaning.

“Priced at P250/sachet that contains 20ml of VitaFlush, it is very affordable and really worth spending, considering the benefits it will give to you and your engine,” explains XADO Engine Development Technical guy Karl Aoanan. Here are the benefits you will get from VitaFlush:

  • INCREASES engine power;
  • RESTORES up to70 % of the lost metal;
  • RESTORES and PROTECTS friction parts from wear;
  • REMOVES all contaminations and tar sediments;
  • RESTORES mobility of oil and compression rings;
  • INCREASES Oil Pressure;
  • CLEANS Crankcase Ventilation System

NOTE:                   For maximum effect, should be used before oil change as a PREVENTIVE FLUSHING and anti-WEAR protection. COMPATIBLE with all the types of oil. DOES NOT CONTAIN ACID, acetone, or dissolvent. SAFE FOR NONMETAL PARTS of engine, oxygen sensors and catalytic converters, and turbochargers. * FOR More details on VitaFlush please read article “How to Clean your engine in 5 mins.”   IMG_6515 IMG_6516 IMG_6517IMG_20150710_102116


Workhorse. Fruit of hard labor. Partner in Business.

The good old Tamaraw FX. 1996. 19 years old as of this writing. bought 2nd hand by owners Gary and Peachy. Both are real-deal start-up treps in Davao. They do interiors. And convert any room, building, space into world class abode and place of business.

The Tamaraw FX was destined to be theirs. Relates Ms Peachy, “even the 3 digit numbers of the license plate has a very significant relation to our family.” However, as a an “old” used car would behave, problems starting to happen. With the car breaking down from time to time. More repairs. and more repairs.

Until XADO came to their lives. Now the car is enjoying her first dose of VitaFlushes and on the road to recovery and probably full rehab. Now TamarawFX GGV would be able to shine again back to her old glory. Follow this article for updates.

IMG_20150712_160545 IMG_20150712_160620 IMG_20150712_172835 IMG_20150712_172842


XADO showcases “better-than-brand-new” engine

It’s a diesel engine that has clocked more than 325,000 kilometers. It was revived to its brand new state, and more. Now this car runs, sans its engine propeller/cooling fan. An AMAZING feat made possible by XADO Gel Revitalizant.

Here’s a video that you can watch and see that there is no cooling fan in the engine. Even brand new diesel engines would overheat with just a few minutes without these blades.


kia in afp crg xado event dec2014_1


XADO VitaFlush with Revitalizant


How do you clean the inside part of your engine without even turning a single bolt. And do it in the comforts of your own garage or office parking lot?

Here’s a little secret XADO has for you. Use VitaFlush with Revitalizant. Here’s how:

1) Identify your engine’s oil system capacity.

2) Introduce the necessary amount of VitaFlush (20ml) into the warmed up engine through the oil-filler neck. Put in 1 sachet of VitaFlush (20ml) for every liter of oil. If your engine is old, or more than 60,000km of mileage, put in 1.5 sachets of VitaFlush for every 1L of oil.

3) Start the engine and idle for 10-15 mins. You can now drive this car after application.

4) Use car/vehicle for NOT more than 1,000km from the time VitaFlush was introduced into the engine oil system.

5) For best result pair VeryLube Soft Oil System Cleaner with VitaFlush. Introduce 1 tube of Soft for every 5L of engine oil. In case dosage of VitaFlush is increased, add 1 more tube as adviced.

Here are the benefits:

1) Provides complex CLEANING of engine oil System including the turbochargers
2) can clean Automatic Transmission oil system
3) COMPLETELY removes ALL contaminants, tar deposits:
how: dissolves then disperses all carbon deposits into the oil that by the time you drain it, it goes with the dirty oil.
4) Returns 70% of lost metal – due to wear and tear
5) Is a prophylactic cleaning and anti-wear agent during change oil flushing
6) is used as an adaptive cleaner when you change from one viscosity type to another (from mineral to synthetic)
7) restores mobility of oil scraper and compression rings (piston rings)
8) eliminates sticking of hydraulic tappets
9) cleans the crankcase ventilation system
10) restores friction parts and protects them from wear
11) increases engine power
12) stabilizes parameters of the oil pump (read: increases oil pressure)
a) inorder to achieve max effect apply this every oil change
b) compatible with all types of oil
c) does not contain acid, acetone, solvents
d) safe for nonmetal engine parts, lambda probes, and catalyst converters
Price Quotation – PM or sms +63.927.831.7956

XADO_VitaFlush_500x500-400x400verylube-soft osc


XADO takes DAVAO City by storm, sponsors 1st-ever Underground AutoShow

XADO Engine Development – Philippines sponsors the first-ever Underground Auto Show in Mindanao on April 25-26, 2015 at the SM Lanang Premiere, Davao City.

This autoshow drew almost 200 participants, from classic cars, to asian modified cars, to 4×4 rigs, to soundblaster system-laden eye-candy cars, and raging motorbikes in all shapes and sizes, and engine displacement categories.

XADO Demo Cars were exhibited during the autoshow, performing AMAZING and UNIMAGINABLE, SCIENCE-defying stunts by running without an Engine Cooling Fan , and running without a single drop of engine oil for the whole duration of the show.

The audience were awed and can’t believe their eyes and ears and whatever senses they brought with them as they witness the display of engine technology made possible by XADO (www.xado.com).

Some of the highlights of the Autoshow was the Drift Show in the basement parking, Motorcycle exhibitions, AutoGirl Show, Sound-off, best 4×4 Set-up and many more. Classic cars were also paraded and made many of the audience drool with their back to the past feel.

Big Bikes with high rev limits rocked the underground parking, creating that noise that is music to the ears of motorcycle enthusiasts. DUCATI Motorbike were there to display the newest and the hottest of their bikes.

NAT’s Performance and ROAD RAGE bought organized the event together with their partner Q-Ads sticker specialist.

I'm running without an Engine Cooling fan." -- powered by XADO
I’m running without an Engine Cooling fan.” — powered by XADO
"I'm running without a single drop of engine oil." -- powered by XADO
“I’m running without a single drop of engine oil.” — powered by XADO

DSC09488 road rage banner road rage poster with sponsors 10956752_1046726175360396_1186162842594706977_n 11059492_1046726325360381_3658040473921294305_n 11111134_1046729205360093_622080119692487539_n 11159481_1046724372027243_6807650621920464238_n 11162458_1046729805360033_7816007220593542111_n 11165231_1046730592026621_2066942731674276053_n car_01 car_02 car_10

You will see me in the next Car Show in Davao City wrapped with XADO Decals.
You will see me in the next Car Show in Davao City wrapped with XADO Decals.
You will see me in the next Car Show in Davao City wrapped with XADO Decals.
You will see me in the next Car Show in Davao City wrapped with XADO Decals.Engi

Anti-carbon: Cleaning engine from carbon.


Cleaning engine from carbon.

excerpts from http://verylube.com/en/engine/oil-system-dv/raskoksovka-ms/antikoks

Fast-acting product designed to remove carbon contaminations and restore stuck piston rings of gasoline and diesel engines.

It removes all scale and tar contaminations from the parts surfaces of cylinder-piston system.

It does not require oil changing after application.

  • 1. Warm up the engine. The engine should be warmed but not hot.
  • 2. Unscrew the plugs (burners). Disconnect the wire of the ignition timing sensor, Hall sensor or commutator.
  • 3. Introduce the content of 1 tube into each cylinder through the plug hole. Screw the plugs back in. Wait for 10–20 minutes. Unscrew the plugs. Cover the plugholes with absorbing fabric to avoid flying-out dirt getting onto the paint. Rotate the engine with a starter for several seconds.
  • 4. Put the plugs (burners) back into position.
  • 5. Start the engine and let it work on the increased rotation frequency of a crankshaft for 15-20 minutes. During this time, the residues of the softened carbon will be removed through the exhausts system.

1 tube – 1 cylinder.


Avoid getting the substance onto lacquer coating.

Safe for catalytic neutralizers, oxygen sensors, mechanical rubber goods and sealings.

The VERYLUBE Anticarbon in tubes can be used for engine oil system flushing:

  • 1. Introduce Anticarbon into the warmed-up engine through the oil-filler neck at a ratio 40 ml of Anticarbon for 3–5 liters of oil.
  • 2. Let the engine idle for 10–15 minutes.
  • 3. Change oil and oil filter.



XADO conquers DAVAO City.

XADO Engine Development Philippines is one of the sponsors to ROAD RAGE Auto Show | The Fast and Furious 7 (https://www.facebook.com/pages/ROAD-RAGE/645698042225199) which was held on Saturday-Sunday April 25-26, 2015 at the SM LANANG Premiere Basement Parking.

More than 100 cars entered into the Autoshow with XADO Philippines’ 2 Demo Cars on display that caught the audience with awe. XADO displayed the superiority of the Revitalizant and Nano-Tech in-place repair technology with the Toyota REVO (2002) (stock car no mods) @ 325,000++km under its belt, is running without a propeller/cooling fan.

XADO also demonstrated an engine running without oil. The Suzuki Alto, the flagship DEMO Car that tours around the country, has stunned the audience altogether.

For more info and technical inquiry, please contact us at 0927.831.7956 or email us at xadoengine.scienceph@gmail.com

WE are not afraid of DIFFICULTIES
1 stage xado

XADO 1 Stage third generation of Revitalizants


The first brand which combined the third generation of revitalizants. All of currently available XADO top products are based on the revolutionary 1 Stage revitalizing technology. This technology allows to avoid multistage treatment of assemblies (replacing it with one-stage treatment) and has more possibilities for restoration of surfaces. Namely the 1 Stage technology allows for the first time ever to guarantee the wearless operation of a ceramic-metal coating for more than 100,000 km of run. The advantages of the 1 Stage brand include: one-stage treatment, high rate of application and its universality.



XADO Philippines at XADOPHIL.COM

XADO Philippines at XADOPHIL.COM


The main, leading brand of XADO Chemical Group. Registered in 1991. The first products with the XADO trademark appeared in automotive shops in 1999. If you see the XADO logo on the package, it means this is an innovative product containing revitalizant. It is the main feature and distinctive sign of the XADO trademark. Currently XADO is one of the largest manufacturers of innovative car care products and lubricants. The XADO products designed for restoration and repair of any types of vehicles and mechanisms without their disassembly can be bought in more than 80 countries of the world and on all continents. Website: http://www.xadophil.com