Anti-carbon: Cleaning engine from carbon.


Cleaning engine from carbon.

excerpts from http://verylube.com/en/engine/oil-system-dv/raskoksovka-ms/antikoks

Fast-acting product designed to remove carbon contaminations and restore stuck piston rings of gasoline and diesel engines.

It removes all scale and tar contaminations from the parts surfaces of cylinder-piston system.

It does not require oil changing after application.

  • 1. Warm up the engine. The engine should be warmed but not hot.
  • 2. Unscrew the plugs (burners). Disconnect the wire of the ignition timing sensor, Hall sensor or commutator.
  • 3. Introduce the content of 1 tube into each cylinder through the plug hole. Screw the plugs back in. Wait for 10–20 minutes. Unscrew the plugs. Cover the plugholes with absorbing fabric to avoid flying-out dirt getting onto the paint. Rotate the engine with a starter for several seconds.
  • 4. Put the plugs (burners) back into position.
  • 5. Start the engine and let it work on the increased rotation frequency of a crankshaft for 15-20 minutes. During this time, the residues of the softened carbon will be removed through the exhausts system.

1 tube – 1 cylinder.


Avoid getting the substance onto lacquer coating.

Safe for catalytic neutralizers, oxygen sensors, mechanical rubber goods and sealings.

The VERYLUBE Anticarbon in tubes can be used for engine oil system flushing:

  • 1. Introduce Anticarbon into the warmed-up engine through the oil-filler neck at a ratio 40 ml of Anticarbon for 3–5 liters of oil.
  • 2. Let the engine idle for 10–15 minutes.
  • 3. Change oil and oil filter.


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