XADO VitaFlush with Revitalizant


How do you clean the inside part of your engine without even turning a single bolt. And do it in the comforts of your own garage or office parking lot?

Here’s a little secret XADO has for you. Use VitaFlush with Revitalizant. Here’s how:

1) Identify your engine’s oil system capacity.

2) Introduce the necessary amount of VitaFlush (20ml) into the warmed up engine through the oil-filler neck. Put in 1 sachet of VitaFlush (20ml) for every liter of oil. If your engine is old, or more than 60,000km of mileage, put in 1.5 sachets of VitaFlush for every 1L of oil.

3) Start the engine and idle for 10-15 mins. You can now drive this car after application.

4) Use car/vehicle for NOT more than 1,000km from the time VitaFlush was introduced into the engine oil system.

5) For best result pair VeryLube Soft Oil System Cleaner with VitaFlush. Introduce 1 tube of Soft for every 5L of engine oil. In case dosage of VitaFlush is increased, add 1 more tube as adviced.

Here are the benefits:

1) Provides complex CLEANING of engine oil System including the turbochargers
2) can clean Automatic Transmission oil system
3) COMPLETELY removes ALL contaminants, tar deposits:
how: dissolves then disperses all carbon deposits into the oil that by the time you drain it, it goes with the dirty oil.
4) Returns 70% of lost metal – due to wear and tear
5) Is a prophylactic cleaning and anti-wear agent during change oil flushing
6) is used as an adaptive cleaner when you change from one viscosity type to another (from mineral to synthetic)
7) restores mobility of oil scraper and compression rings (piston rings)
8) eliminates sticking of hydraulic tappets
9) cleans the crankcase ventilation system
10) restores friction parts and protects them from wear
11) increases engine power
12) stabilizes parameters of the oil pump (read: increases oil pressure)
a) inorder to achieve max effect apply this every oil change
b) compatible with all types of oil
c) does not contain acid, acetone, solvents
d) safe for nonmetal engine parts, lambda probes, and catalyst converters
Price Quotation – PM or sms +63.927.831.7956

XADO_VitaFlush_500x500-400x400verylube-soft osc

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