FOR THE BETTER. Reverse Engineering. “FOR THE BETTER,” says Motorcycle owner Rodolfo “Ompong” Ledesma, a resident of Catalunan Grande, Davao City. “My Kawasaki Rouser has been married with XADO VitaFlush since the start of it’s operational life, and I always add VitaFlush every time I change my oil, for the better,” adds Ledesma. He first heard and learned of XADO ( while on a trip in London, and upon his return to the Philippines, immediately sought the product XADO ( He was so happy and glad to find its availability.

His motorcycle sports multiple XADO stickers as he is bent on telling the world that XADO products, VitaFlush in particular, has been protecting and keeping his engine at its optimum operational state. XADO VitaFlush ensures there’s no metal shavings in the engine frictional pairs and parts.

VitaFlush contains XADO’s technological-breakthrough REVITALIZANT ( that coats the engine metal parts by utilizing the frictional heat, a tremendously destructive energy, to create a new surface (metallic alloy) that is 10X STRONGER & 300X SMOOTHER THAN STEEL.  It is excellent protection against excessive heat, load and corrosion damage.  Actually, you can see it and feel it. Metal (Metallic bond-uncompensated) surfaces has cavities, aspirates, peaks and valleys like the surface of a sand paper.

XADO CERMET (Magnesium Silicate) are crystals, (Ionic or Covalent bonds) that are much more durable. An uncompensated bond is like a TREE in an open field which easy uprooted due to wind and rain. VITAFLUSH Cleaning is a requisite as carbon is porous, the micron size REVITALIZANT will not circulate as much if only absorbed by engine deposits. WE RECOMMEND 300 TO 1,000 KM SO AS TO ALLOW ENOUGH TIME FOR THE ENGINE TO BE CLEANED AND FRICTIONAL HEAT TO DO ITS WORK ON THE SURFACES. Unlike kerosene based engine cleaner, VITAFLUSH has higher flush point for longer, more thorough cleaning.

“Priced at P250/sachet that contains 20ml of VitaFlush, it is very affordable and really worth spending, considering the benefits it will give to you and your engine,” explains XADO Engine Development Technical guy Karl Aoanan. Here are the benefits you will get from VitaFlush:

  • INCREASES engine power;
  • RESTORES up to70 % of the lost metal;
  • RESTORES and PROTECTS friction parts from wear;
  • REMOVES all contaminations and tar sediments;
  • RESTORES mobility of oil and compression rings;
  • INCREASES Oil Pressure;
  • CLEANS Crankcase Ventilation System

NOTE:                   For maximum effect, should be used before oil change as a PREVENTIVE FLUSHING and anti-WEAR protection. COMPATIBLE with all the types of oil. DOES NOT CONTAIN ACID, acetone, or dissolvent. SAFE FOR NONMETAL PARTS of engine, oxygen sensors and catalytic converters, and turbochargers. * FOR More details on VitaFlush please read article “How to Clean your engine in 5 mins.”   IMG_6515 IMG_6516 IMG_6517IMG_20150710_102116

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