Workhorse. Fruit of hard labor. Partner in Business.

The good old Tamaraw FX. 1996. 19 years old as of this writing. bought 2nd hand by owners Gary and Peachy. Both are real-deal start-up treps in Davao. They do interiors. And convert any room, building, space into world class abode and place of business.

The Tamaraw FX was destined to be theirs. Relates Ms Peachy, “even the 3 digit numbers of the license plate has a very significant relation to our family.” However, as a an “old” used car would behave, problems starting to happen. With the car breaking down from time to time. More repairs. and more repairs.

Until XADO came to their lives. Now the car is enjoying her first dose of VitaFlushes and on the road to recovery and probably full rehab. Now TamarawFX GGV would be able to shine again back to her old glory. Follow this article for updates.

IMG_20150712_160545 IMG_20150712_160620 IMG_20150712_172835 IMG_20150712_172842

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